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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Post-Mitchell Era is Upon Us...

Well, George Mitchell has released his report on the use of steroids in baseball. So, what now? Does the baseball-loving universe burn every baseball card, every jersey, every poster in effigy (although does anyone own a Rondell White or Matt Herges jersey? I sincerely hope not...) and forget the sport ever existed? Or do we forge ahead, sit through the next few months, years, decades of hearings, trials and press conferences about new forms of testing or new players being named? After some days of reflection and hypothesizing, I have absolutely no clue what the Post-Mitchell Era will bring. I already hate calling it that. Argh.

What I haven't read or heard yet is what this is doing to baseball in general. I can't imagine explaining this to a child-- especially a child whose favorite player is among the ones implicated by the report. To be a child during all of this must be extremely confusing. The nature of the conversation between a parent and child explaining "What are steroids?" must be as awkward as the way the "Birds and the Bees" talk is portrayed on television. 'Well, son/daughter, it's when a player decides that even though their body has decided that it is time to quit or slow down, they disagree and shoot chemicals into their body in order to continue to compete and make more money.' You definitely can't include the improving performance part, c'mon, this is the after-school special version.

Holman Stadium: Vero Beach, FL- Winter home of the LA Dodgers

Furthermore, what does this mean when fans step into ballparks next year? Starting with Spring Training in February/March, people will be heading south and west to watch their teams warm up for the 2008 season. I for one was considering making my way down to Dodgertown, USA (the original, not the fake West version in Arizona) for the Dodgers' final year in Vero Beach. The Dodgers were actually the first team to hold spring training, and Dodgertown is known for it's historic appeal. Earlier this year, the higher-ups announced that the team would officially be moving to Dodgertown West in Arizona, thus leaving Vero Beach and the original post behind for the foreseeable future. When I first heard the news, I was quite hurt, yet excited-- as I knew a Feldman trip to Dodgertown may happen. Now, any trip to Dodgertown may be tainted. What is that guy doing there? What is the package he's carrying? Naturally, I'm being overly cynical. But the point is the same, and I know that even if I do go, I'll at least be joking about steroids-- and that's not the point of the trip. Bottom line: steroids and the Mitchell Report have already been a great detriment to the sport of baseball, and it's only been two days since the report was published.

As far as next season: Will anyone care? Will ticket sales for Spring Training, or for the rest of the season be affected? Will the record books be altered? Will former Hall of Fame locks or potentials be cast aside? Surely, only time will tell. One thing is for certain: the 2008 season will be another one for the record books.

EDIT: As is quite common, letters to the editor posted on proving to touch on some of the deeper-than-flesh issues not yet discussed. Definitely worth visiting if only to read over a few of the letters.

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