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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Need a Time Machine

This movie needs to be out last week. I've watched the trailer a few times already, and forced myself to stop just so I wouldn't ruin it. I sent it to everyone I know after a friend sent it to me, ala-chain mail style, because everyone needs to see this trailer right now. If you know anyone who is sleeping, infirm, comatose, asleep, in a desert or jungle or even blind, cure them of their handicaps and get them to a computer right now. This movie is going to be huge. Batman Begins ushered in a new era of Batman films, and this is continuing in the darker, film-noir-esque (if that is a real term, it shouldn't be) direction that Christopher Nolan is taking the franchise. No longer will fans be subjected to cartoony weirdos in spandex and superheroes with chest plates giving them larger chests than the female lead (although I will admit that, due to my idol-worship of Jim Carrey at the time of Batman Forever, I did enjoy it immensely, and still do. But Uma and Arnold? Please...) I digress... Health Ledger looks and sounds great as Joker, and Maggie Gyllenhal still looks tired (but cute, somehow?), and well, what is there to say about Christian Bale? He's redefined the role completely. Well done, sir. A friend of mine summed it up quite well already: summer can't come soon enough.

Even before summer comes, there are a great deal of movies coming out in 2008 that are worth looking forward to. Here is a quick list of some movies to look forward to in 2008:
Cloverfield; RAMBO; Fanboys (I'm a sucker for Kristen Bell dressed as Princess Leia); Be Kind, Rewind (Michel Gondry!); Was anyone aware they're making Horton Hears a Who and Where the Wild Things Are into movies?!?!; Run, Fat Boy, Run; 21; Harold and Kumar ESCAPE FROM GUANTANAMO BAY?!?!; Iron Man; Speed Racer (worth a shot, I guess...); Indiana Jones; a new Incredible Hulk starring Edward Norton, instead of the disappointing performance by the otherwise incredible Eric Bana; Get Smart; the X-Files sequel... can't wait!

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